No matter what has brought you here, I'm delighted you came. I'm here to help you achieve your greatest health and feel comfortable and confident in your body so you can live a full, energetic, productive and happy life.

The seed of my work was planted in me at a young age, growing up on my family’s farm in a small town in Maine. Early on I gained a strong sense of where food comes from and an abundant appreciation for the hard work that goes into growing it.

But in my teens I came face-to-face with my own health crisis. I battled with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, sugar addiction, brain fog, and worst of all, I listened to my inner critic and shamed myself ruthlessly. These health issues got so bad that I ended up in a hospital on a cocktail of medications, wondering if I was ever going to feel good again. I had two choices: take medication for the rest of my life, or learn alternative ways to regain control of my health naturally. Innately, I chose the 'farmacy' over the pharmacy, and began a life-changing journey.

It took me a while to understand that my symptoms weren’t the real problem. They were simply messages from my body attempting to get my attention so I could address the root cause of the problem and restore my health. Once I gained the tools and knowledge to connect the dots for myself, I became empowered to be the ‘manager’ of my body. It’s an experience I felt so transformed by that I wanted to help others do the same. So in 2005 I chose to pursue a degree in clinical nutrition.

But the more I learned about clinical nutrition, the more I realized that many of the dietary guidelines didn't align with my inherent beliefs which stemmed from my agricultural roots: the categorization of ketchup as a vegetable for instance, or the clinical principle that “all calories are created equal”. Some of the 'food rules' seemed rigid, dated, and failed to address important nutritional gaps. Upon graduating, I re-routed my nutrition education from these clinical standards to a holistic foundation, which supports my core philosophy that food is medicine and our health is largely determined by the quality of the food we feed our cells.

In 2010, I started Nutrition Simplified to teach a non-diet approach to wellness, blending modern nutrition research with the roots of our nutritional heritage. Today, I hold a Master of Science Degree (M.S.) and Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Holistic Nutrition, an Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) in clinical nutrition, am a Registered Dietetic Technician (DTR), and specialize in holistic nutrition. As a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I’ve coached thousands of women (and men!) over these years and still, am so inspired when I see a client’s life transform by tuning in to the innate intelligence of their body, and supporting it by integrating the wisdom of nature into their daily lives.

My intention is to share with you how to take your health into your own hands, to nourish your body and optimize your wellbeing, all to inspire you to become the driver of your own wellness journey; to help you build a healthy lifestyle that not only serves you, but one that you truly love.

So my friend, are you ready to reclaim your power over your health?

You can start where you are, right now.

All you have to do is take the first step...

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